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The Rootzz of Nature meat substitutes are unfortunately not 100% free from allergens. Some meat substitutes are fortified with extra nutrients such as protein so that they are as nutritious as real meat. For extra flavour, we use mustard with some meat substitutes. We do keep our products as pure as possible! You can find the full list of ingredients per product on the product pages.

At Rootzz of Nature we think that honesty and fairness is important. We always look for the perfect balance between pure and tasty. That’s why we use ingredients that are as natural as possible to make our meat substitutes so juicy.

Check the packaging for the best ways to use jackfruit. Take a look at our recipes for lots of delicious inspiration!

Jackfruit is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and B, potassium, calcium and iron. That is good for your immune system, blood and bones. It is also a fibre-rich fruit, which helps your body to digest jackfruit easily.

The specific nutritional values differ per product. View the specifications per product on the product pages.

Jackfruit tastes like the jungle. You’ll be transported to Sri Lanka thanks to the tasty, fresh and juicy taste! Jackfruit tastes fleshy and sweet at the same time. It has a naturally pulled pork texture, which gives jackfruit its meat-like feel.

The fruit also easily absorbs flavours. This makes jackfruit perfect for seasoning the most delicious vegetarian dishes: from an Indian curry to classic Dutch dishes!

Yes! The low numbers of calories, fats and carbohydrates make jackfruit a healthy summer fruit. The fruit is also naturally free from gluten, soya, cholesterol and saturated fat*. Jackfruit is a feast on your plate!

 * Unfortunately, Rootzz of Nature meat substitutes are not 100% free of allergens.


The delicious products from Rootzz of Nature are making their way to a well-deserved place on the shop shelf. You can find our jackfruit products on the shelves at Albert Heijn. And the list is growing!