We bring nature’s undiscovered culinary treasures to the Dutch kitchen. During a trip to Sri Lanka, we discovered the largest fruit in the world: jackfruit. This versatile fruit has a tasty meat-like texture and easily absorbs flavours. We thought it was so special that we brought the jackfruit back to the Netherlands. That’s how the Rootzz of Nature adventure began.


At Rootzz of Nature we are real explorers. We love to travel the world, constantly searching for new and surprising world flavours. Together with local entrepreneurs, we bring these flavours to the Dutch kitchen. We want everyone to taste what the world has to offer. We enjoy great food and that’s why taste always comes first. With love and respect for nature.


Rootzz is pure: our products are as natural as possible.


Rootzz loves nature, so we make sure our impact on the environment is small.


At Rootzz we enjoy great food. That’s why taste always comes first.

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We believe the world is too beautiful to harm. That’s why our products are pure and fair. We keep the ingredients as natural as possible, with no unnecessary E numbers. 

We also keep our impact on the environment small. If the journey from the jungle to your plate is too long, we collaborate with local entrepreneurs to see how we can support social initiatives. Fair enough? Rootzz of Nature does good and tastes good!

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Jackfruit is tasty and healthy! Try our yummy meat substitutes and experience the taste of the jungle. Our jackfruit products have a meat-like texture, they are organic and above all they taste delicious! Which flavour will you choose?

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The delicious products from Rootzz of Nature are making their way to a well-deserved place on the shop shelf. You can currently find our jackfruit products on the shelves at Albert Heijn. And the list is growing! 

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